Details on our Zoom app engagement solution

Townhall provides an end-to-end engagement solution

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Plan for Engagement

Create custom agendas to track and organize your meetings

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Track Engagement

Get real-time feedback on attendee engagement during the Zoom meeting

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Energize the Crowd

Quickly boost engagement with Poll, Quiz, and Send activities

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Optimize with Data

Individual engagement and attendance data tells you where to focus to optimize performance


Modeled off organizational, training, and leadership best practices, the Agenda feature allows hosts to stay organized by grouping activities, and keeping track of attendee responses in real-time. Easy and flexible, Agenda allows the host to plan an epic experience!

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Level up your meetings with Townhall Activities. Crisp and easy to run, Townhall Activities can be set up in under 30 seconds without having to leave the application! Let your attendees share opinions with Poll or test knowledge and comprehension with Quiz.

Need to share a link for future action? Use Send to distribute important information for future action.



Give Every Participant a Voice

With E-score, you’ll receive a personalized score based on 25 key indicators of engagement, including speaking time, engagement with other participants, and contribution to the discussion.

Keep a Pulse on the Room

Are you tired of wondering how engaged your team is during virtual meetings? E-Pulse is here to help! This innovative feature observes the attendees E-Scores then aggregates the data and provides an easy-to-understand engagement run chart. With E-Pulse, leaders, trainers, managers and hosts can get a clear picture of how well team members are participating and interacting during virtual meetings. And with real-time reporting, it’s easy to make adjustments on the fly to keep everyone engaged!



E-report is the ultimate solution for keeping track of your remote meetings! With this powerful software feature, you can generate a stunning post-meeting report that showcases all the key points and decisions made during the meeting. Not only is E-report quick and easy to use, but it also produces professional-looking reports that can be shared with key stakeholders. Don’t let important information slip through the cracks – use E-report to keep track of everything and share it with your team in a clear and concise format.


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