Boost Engagement

Motivate your Attendees with Gamification

How do we Boost Attendee Engagement?

Not only does Townhall provide a suite of standard activities like polls and quizzes to check audience insights and comprehension, we also weave cutting-edge, research-based gamification into every meeting!

After 15+ years in education and leadership we know presenting is exhausting and the host must do the work. But, we’ve designed Townhall to remove your “engagement burden”.

In fact, Townhall is the ONLY software that engages your audience for you, making hosting a breeze. Anytime attendees join Townhall, they earn an engagement score, points, and coins for participating (posting reactions, speaking, etc.). We honed this system over a decade to spur attendance, engagement,  focus, and motivation. Check out these case studies:

88% Highly Engaged in Townhall
Grades Boost 13% through Gamification

Lastly, our unique SEND feature revolutionizes content sharing, allowing you to distribute links directly through Townhall and track engagement, eliminating the common challenge of lost links in chat streams. Embrace Townhall to effortlessly host epic meetings that leave a lasting impact.

How Activities Work

Modeled off organizational, training, and leadership best practices, Activities (Poll, Quiz, Send) allow the host to create a fun and invigorating experience. Elegant and intuitive, each Activity can be set up and added to any Agenda in under 30 seconds.

Simply press the play button to run an Activity and watch attendee responses in real-time!

Townhall has the following Activities available:

  • Poll – Survey the audience
  • Quiz – Test the audience
  • Send – Share notes/links with the audience

A2E2 Flywheel Drives Continual Improvement

Townhall’s A2E2 flywheel (Agenda > Activities > E-Pulse > E-Report) is modeled off the trusted PDSA (Plan > Do > Study > Act) methodology pioneered by Dr. Edward Deming in the 1950’s.

This scientific method approach has stood the test of time, as countless organizations have followed it to continually improve. The Townhall A2E2 methodology generates actionable engagement analytics, enabling organizations to learn, adjust and rapidly improve performance.

Ready to boost engagement and productivity of your remote team in a scalable way?

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