Providing Real-Time Engagement Data

What is the E-Pulse?

The E-Pulse (patent pending) is a premium feature that provides the host with real-time engagement feedback. It collects the E-Scores of each attendee, then displays a continuously running chart so the host can see the vibe of the room in real-time.

Trainers, leaders, and event coordinators will get real-time audience feedback even if attendees have their cameras and mics turned off!

How the E-Pulse Works

Modeled off best practices in statistical process control, the E-Pulse displays a simple to understand run chart that fluctuates up or down depending on the engagement level of the audience.

By measuring 25 points of engagement, such as speaking or posting reactions, Townhall get’s a true and unbiased picture of attendee participation. The Townhall E-Pulse then distills all attendees’ engagement into a single value that is displayed to the host in real-time.

A quick glance at the E-Pulse gives instant feedback on audience engagement!

A2E2 Flywheel Drives Continual Improvement

Townhall’s A2E2 flywheel (Agenda > Activities > E-Pulse > E-Report) is modeled off the trusted PDSA (Plan > Do > Study > Act) methodology pioneered by Dr. Edward Deming in the 1950’s.

This scientific method approach has stood the test of time, as countless organizations have followed it to continually improve. The Townhall A2E2 methodology generates actionable engagement analytics, enabling organizations to learn, adjust and rapidly improve performance.

Ready to boost engagement and productivity of your remote team in a scalable way?

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