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How do we Measure Zoom Performance?

Elevate your leadership, coaching, and training sessions with our transformative E-Report feature, designed to enhance productivity through insightful engagement data. Tailored for executives, administrators, educators, and trainers this premium tool offers immediate post-meeting performance insights, enabling you to receive critical feedback within minutes of concluding your Zoom meeting.

Discover which activities captivate your audience and which fall short, enabling you to refine your approach for maximum impact. With the ability to adjust your strategies swiftly, you’ll foster a more dynamic learning environment, strengthen team culture, and drive unparalleled productivity gains.

The E-Report is a premium feature that helps all hosts and organizations optimize performance with data. Immediately after an Agenda ends, the E-Report is generated so the host gets meeting performance feedback within minutes!

View a Sample E-Report or Sample .CSV file.

How the E-Report Works

Modeled off a leadership dashboard, the E-Report provides a high level summary, then a detailed breakdown of attendee engagement. Leaders can quickly grasp how the meeting went or dive deeper to check individual attendee performance.

Since Townhall does NOT use invasive AI facial or voice pattern recognition, attendees will be more eager and excited to engage! The E-Report smartly captures attendee interactions, then displays a clean and unbiased analysis to the host and organization.

A2E2 Flywheel Drives Continual Improvement

Townhall’s A2E2 flywheel (Agenda > Activities > E-Pulse > E-Report) is modeled off the trusted PDSA (Plan > Do > Study > Act) methodology pioneered by Dr. Edward Deming in the 1950’s.

This scientific method approach has stood the test of time, as countless organizations have followed it to continually improve. The Townhall A2E2 methodology generates actionable engagement analytics, enabling organizations to learn, adjust and rapidly improve performance.

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