Gamification that Delivers Results

The 10 Year Research Journey Behind Townhall

2012: Identifying a True Solution

Dr. Larysa Nadolny inherited a typical large-scale university course plagued by subpar attendance rates, and disappointing course evaluations. Dr. Larysa struggled to motivate the learners, then had a spark! Why not restructure the course so it motivates the attendees automatically? She completely redesigned the course through gamification and the results were staggering. Attendance spiked to 95% and course satisfaction was boosted by 80%. The spark was confirmed!

What's Gamification?
It is the strategic application of psychological techniques utilized in game design (eg. scoring, rewards), to non-game environments. It transforms mundane training into energizing experiences, often resulting in increased participation and achievement.

$7M in gamification research funding

2013: Building a Robust Foundation

Dr. Larysa experienced overwhelming demand for her techniques and secured over $7M in funding from esteemed partners such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the United States Army, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and Verizon to further her gamification research.  The results poured in, resulting in over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and books authored by Dr. Larysa. It was confirmed, Dr. Larysa’s techniques can deliver statistically significant improvements in performance.

virtual learning

2021: Addressing a Global Shift

The Great Resignation is in full effect and people have permanently shifted work habits to a remote or hybrid structure. But, Zoom fatigue sinks in and online communication is both stressful and unproductive. Dr. Larysa identifies a direct correlation to her research and has another spark! Why not restructure the virtual experience so it engages attendees automatically? Townhall was born.

How Big is the Engagement Problem?
71% of senior managers view meetings as unproductive, yet a 1000-person firm holding monthly all-hands meetings invests roughly $1M per year on this one meeting alone. This combination of poor, yet required meetings breeds disengaged employees, which costs the global economy $8.8 Trillion annually.

Stop the Meeting Madness, HBR 2017; Gallup State of the Global Workplace, 2022
gamification boosts engagemeng

2023: Solving Virtual Engagement

After two years of development, Beta testing and fine tuning, the powerful and elegant Townhall launches on the Zoom app marketplace. Perfected by Dr. Larysa, Townhall smartly weaves research-based game mechanics into your training sessions or meetings to boost engagement and productivity by up to 50%. Stress goes down and participation goes up – creating an energizing experience! 

Today: Scaling the Solution

After energizing 200,000+ attendees and analyzing over 10 million engagement data points we know exactly how to boost engagement and learner performance. The Townhall gamified design boosts engagement and gets your learners to show up, speak up and work harder. Making it easier for you to deliver epic Zoom sessions. We’d love to collaborate, so please reach out so we can plan your next Townhall!

Gamification that Delivers Statistically Significant Results

13% Spike

Geology course students average a FULL letter grade improvement!

70% Increase

Adult learner participation increases 70% in a Financial Literacy course!

80% Boost

Learner satisfaction boosts 80% in an ed tech course!


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