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Welcome to the future of immersive entertainment: an AI-powered escape room game chatbot! Get ready to experience endless adventures and mind-bending puzzles crafted on the fly by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Difficulty Level: ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚪

    1. Type your text into the box below. Share the context, topic, format, and vibe of the event. The chatbot may ask you a few follow up questions.
    2. The chatbot will give you some innovative ideas for puzzles. Interact with the bot to get more specific, such as asking for an example or a correct answer.
    3. Want to save your answers? Use the copy button on the right side of each response to copy the text.
    4. Follow the instruction below to set up your game using the Townhall quizzing tool.

Virtual Escape Room Chatbot

PRO TIP: Not hitting the mark? Let the chatbot know what's missing and ask for more.

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What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real-life adventure game where players are locked in a themed room and must solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and challenges within a set time limit to "escape" from the room. It requires teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity to uncover clues, unlock secrets, and ultimately find the way out.

⚡ How do I make my game fun for everyone?

  • Give everyone a feeling of success by ordering puzzles from easiest to challenging.
  • Encourage players to make an informed guess at the answer, even if they only finished one or two puzzles. If the correct answer is "SPEED", make the other options "SPELL", "BROWN" and "SMART".
  • Engage with a game tester! Ask a friend or colleague to play the game and time how long it took to solve each puzzle. When you play the game, make sure to allow enough time for players to get through the majority of the puzzles.

How do you run a text-based escape room in Zoom?

The escape room game created by the chatbot is a text-based game. This means that the puzzles will be delivered through text and result in a text answer. In our game, the goal is to solve each puzzle to reveal a letter, and once all the puzzles are solved, the letters will spell out a word. 

Before the Meeting: Design your Game (30 minutes)

  1. Use the puzzles created by the chatbot as inspiration for your game. Continue to interact with the chatbot if you want to get specific letters for each puzzle.
  2. Plan out each puzzle so that it spells out a word.
  3. Create a 1-slide PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation with the puzzles listed.

Before the Meeting: Set up Townhall (5 minutes)

  1. Create a quiz question in Townhall. Enter this text for the question: "There is only one way to escape from this puzzle! What's the secret word?". Enter different 3-5 different words as answers. Select a correct answer.
  2. Set the timer for the quiz to 5-10 minutes.

During the Meeting: Prepare for the Game (3 minutes)

  1. If your game players have never participated in an escape room, spend a few minutes explaining the goals of the game.
  2. Share with the players if they are allowed to work together or must work independently.

During the Meeting: Play the Game (5-10 minute)

  1. Screenshare the game slide to the meeting.
  2. "Send" the Townhall quiz to begin the timer.
  3. When the time ends, participants will be able to see if they selected the correct answer.
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