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Townhall Installation and IT Documentation Guide

This guide will help support you and your IT department in the approval of the Townhall Zoom App.

  • How to access Zoom Apps
  • Details on Townhall App, including data privacy and security
  • How to get support for the Townhall App

What are Zoom Apps?

In 2021, Zoom created Zoom Apps, a way for developers to integrate other software applications into the video conferencing experience. Zoom Apps are similar to the Apple Store or Google Play, allowing users the ability to install a variety of tools to help improve virtual meetings.

Getting Access to Apps in Zoom (Individual Account)

You can find the Zoom Apps button at the bottom of your Zoom window.

Image of the Zoom Apps button location

If you are not able to see that button, log into your Zoom account on the web. Under the "Admin" area on the left, click on "Account Settings". Scroll over to the Zoom Apps tab and make sure the button is in the on position.

Connecting the Townhall App to your Zoom account it easy as (1) searching for the app, (2) clicking the "add" button, and (3) following the on-screen instructions. You can read more instructions and tip on our help center article: How do I add Townhall to my Zoom account?

Getting Access to Apps from Your Administrator (Organizational Accounts)

Many organizations have the Zoom Apps button, but may require approval for each app. You can search for apps using the apps button or through the Zoom Marketplace. If you click the app to install, you may see a notification to request approval from your administrator. We recommend submitting the request through Zoom as well as your normal IT approval process.

Administration Approval Process

To learn more about controlling Zoom Apps as an administrator and approving Zoom Apps, visit the Zoom guide for Admin Deployment of Zoom Apps.

What is the Townhall Zoom App?

Townhall is an app for Zoom based on 15 years of research on gamification and game-based learning. The app is designed to provide a fun and engaging experience while providing rich data analytics for the presenter. The app also includes polling and quizzing tools.

How do I get support if I have questions about the Townhall App?

First check our extensive Help Center for answers to your questions. if you need additional support, use the chatbot on the lower right hand corner of our website. You can enter your question and our support team will get right back to you!

Townhall Documentation: Privacy and Terms of Use

You can view Townhall's privacy policy and terms of use to learn more about how we collect and use personal information.

Townhall Documentation: Data and Security

You can view the details of the Zoom permissions and scopes on the Zoom Marketplace and find detailed documentation in the Townhall Cybersecurity Policy and Approach.

Townhall Documentation: Accessibility

The accessibility of Townhall has been evaluated using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for WCAG 2.1. View details in the Townhall Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR).

Townhall Documentation: FERPA

For the purposes of FERPA, Zoom is considered a “school official” and may receive PII through its contractual agreements with School Subscribers because Zoom is performing a service that furthers a “legitimate educational interest” (i.e., the provision of educational services in a remote setting).

How does Zoom help schools comply with FERPA’s data protection requirements? Zoom uses technical and organizational measures designed to help protect PII from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. These measures include:

  • Providing guidance on how to implement and utilize account settings designed to protect participant privacy. Certain features are enabled by default for K-12 account users, including use of meeting passwords, the Report a User feature, restrictions on screen sharing privileges, which are set by default to “Host Only,” and the virtual Waiting Room feature.
  • Encrypting all customer content in transit between any devices running a Zoom client and at rest when in permanent storage in the Zoom Cloud.
  • Limiting Zoom’s collection, use, and disclosure of student PII to limited circumstances. Specifically,
  • Zoom’s only collects and uses student PII that it needs to provide and improve our services or as otherwise directed by the School Subscriber. Zoom does not sell student PII or use student PII for interest-based advertising.
  • Disclosing student PII to others only to the extent needed for third-party providers to help Zoom provide its services, for legal reasons, or in other limited circumstances in compliance with FERPA.
  • Retaining student PII only for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations after account termination. Customer content stored on the Zoom Cloud is retained for the life of the account; however, School Subscribers are free to delete this content at any time. After an account is terminated, customer content is automatically deleted in accordance with Zoom’s policies and agreements with School Subscribers

You can read more at Zoom's FERPA Guide or Schools Privacy Statement.

What additional measures does Townhall implement to help schools comply with FERPA’s data protection requirements? These measure include:

  • Permitting the collection or reporting of app data only by "Hosts" or "Co-Hosts" of the Zoom meeting.
  • Limiting Townhall’s collection, use, and disclosure of student PII to limited circumstances. Name and email are used to create new accounts, and product usage data is used for product improvements and determining app engagement. Townhall does not sell student PII.
  • Retaining student PII only for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations after account termination. After an account is terminated by the student, content is automatically deleted in accordance with Townhall's privacy policy.

The information on the page was last updated last updated 9/01/2023

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