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Jump Start Your Meeting Engagement in 3 Easy Steps

① Log in to Zoom and connect Townhall

  1. Already in a Zoom meeting? Just click the "Apps" button on the Zoom menu and search for Townhall
  2. Want to use Townhall later? Go to the Zoom marketplace and add Townhall. Just open Townhall from the Zoom menu when you are in a meeting

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Are you a meeting participant? You're all set!

  • Use the emojis to react to the room
  • Keep engaging - answer polls, quizzes and chat in Zoom
  • Earn a high E-score by participating!

No Zoom apps? No problem. Ask the host to share a "guest link". Now you can access Townhall through a web browser (PC, Mac, tablet or phone).

③ Are you a meeting Host? Click PRO!

Try out all of the advanced features with our 14-day free trial of PRO, and subscriptions starting as low as $15/month.

Add an Agenda

Click the “PRO” button to toggle to the host view. Organize by creating Agendas.

Go Live

Click “Go Live” to start monitoring audience engagement with real-time feedback!

Create Activities

Easily add polls, quizzes or link sharing by clicking “Add Activity”

Analyze the Data

Click the “E-Report” tab to review meeting performance and gain access deeper analytics, such as attendance, quiz results, and more!

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