Energize your Zoom Meetings

You Present. Let Townhall Boost Engagement!

Townhall is the ONLY software application that engages attendees for you, making it easier to deliver productive Zoom classes and meetings.

Join Co-Founder Peter Nadolny as he shows you how Townhall incentivizes participation with game mechanics. Plus, he showcases premium host features like engagement tracking and attendee analytics the let you know who was engaged and who needs coaching.

All generated even if cameras are off!

Add Townhall directly from a Zoom meeting or go to the Zoom app marketplace and add to your account.

  • Start a Zoom meeting
  • Click the apps button in the Zoom control panel
  • Go to apps pane on right side of Zoom and search for Townhall
  • Add to your Zoom account

① Log in and connect Townhall

  • In a Zoom meeting? Click the "Apps" button, search for Townhall and add. (no downloading required).
  • Offline? Go to the Townhall Zoom App directly and add. Click the "Apps" button and search for Townhall.

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Attending? Simply "Engage"

  • Earn points and an E-Score by participating!
  • Cameras off? Use emojis to score!
  • Answer activities - Poll, Quiz, Send - to prove you're engaged
  • The more you engage, the higher your score!

On mobile? No Zoom Apps? No problem. Simply ask the host to copy and share the "web" link. Now you join Townhall via the web (desktop, tablet or mobile).

③ Presenting? Select "Host"

  • Click "Start" to track engagement and get real-time audience feedback
  • View the post session E-Report (also available in .CSV format) for Zoom attendance, participation and engagement data for each attendee.
  • Run activities - Poll, Quiz and Send (link sharing) - to boost engagement for each Agenda.

Organize with Agendas

Track Zoom attendance, participation and engagement through Agendas.

Track Engagement

Click “Start” to track audience engagement and get real-time feedback!

Boost with Activities

Need a boost? Add a Poll or Quiz to survey the crowd, or share a link with Send.

Did they Engage?

Click “E-Report” to analyze individual attendance and engagement data!

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