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Energizing your Remote Team

At Townhall, we provide software solutions and consulting services that improve remote team culture and productivity. Companies or schools choose us when:

- They must invest in frequent large Zoom meetings, but struggle to get attendees to interact and contribute
- Their remote first team is scaling rapidly and they are frightened their winning culture and core values will evaporate
- Educators struggle to keep the attention of their learners who are constantly distracted and disengaged
- Critical new features are launched and sales teams must get up to speed in a flash
- Diversity and accessibility are core values, but leadership fears not all voices are heard

Our approach is unique in several ways:

  • We implement gamification to motivate and engage your team for you, rather than burdening leadership with more tools to learn.
  • Our gamification solutions are rigorously proven. Built through $7M in research funding from esteemed institutions such as NSF, FINRA, and the US Army, our techniques have been honed to perfection over 15+ years of energizing over 200,000 attendees. 40+ scientific publications validate our work.
  • We enhance your remote team's culture and productivity by leveraging a 'Goldilocks' approach to data. Too much data can overwhelm and confuse, while too little impedes action. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance, delivering just the right amount of data to empower your decision-making.
  • Over the past 22 years, we've utilized a wide variety of productivity tools to reduce waste for remote, hybrid and in-person organizations. We leverage proven methodologies like LEAN principles, growth hacking, OPEX, QA engineering, change management, and Theory of Constraints to drive cost-efficiencies.

For customized consulting services and software solutions that truly make a difference, turn to Townhall.


A Commitment to Caring

At Townhall, we’re building a community that cares. Why? Because after 20+ years of working in industry and education, we’ve realized this is all that matters. A community that cares, delivers real impact and takes action to continually improve. They’re respectful, collaborative, professional, and open-minded. In short, a community that cares creates positive energy that drives engagement. And as this community grows in size, it can influence others to reduce waste and make a lasting, positive impact on our society.

Building a Global Community

A Commitment to Diversity

As a remote-first workplace and global business, we respect and work with every type of person. We embrace diverse perspectives and enjoy collaborating with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, skill sets and cultures.

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

A Commitment to Climate

At Townhall, we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund initiatives that positively impact our environment and contribute a percentage of our revenues to projects focused on carbon removal.

Peter Nadolny

Co-Founder and CEO

2X founder, corporate executive, consultant and engineer, Peter runs day-to-day operations for Townhall. He's passionate about making remote work and education more productive, fun and impactful. Having worked at multinational firms, startups and universities, Peter knows first hand the struggles that arise from lack of engagement.

As a father, coach, athlete and gamer, Peter has personally witnessed how game mechanics can positively impact leaders, players and executives to build a highly productive and winning culture.

Dr. Larysa

Co-Founder and CPO

Dr. Larysa is a lifelong educator, consultant and highly accomplished UI/UX researcher with over 15 years of experience in gamification research, Human-Computer Interaction, and product development. She has over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is a sought out keynote speaker on virtual engagement.

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