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Blending Work and Play to Connect and Energize the World


A Commitment to Caring

At Townhall, we’re building a community that cares. Why? Because after 20+ years of working in industry, we’ve realized this is all that matters. A community that cares, delivers real impact and takes action to continually improve. They’re respectful, collaborative, professional, and open-minded. In short, a community that cares creates energy that drives engagement.

Our vision is to blend work and play to connect and energize the world. In other words, we’re building a community that cares about their work, their families, their health, their peers, their environment and their impact on society. 

Building a Global Community

A Commitment to Diversity

As a remote-first workplace and global business, we respect and work with every type of person. We embrace diverse perspectives and enjoy collaborating with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, skill sets and cultures.

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

A Commitment to Climate

At Townhall, we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund initiatives that positively impact our environment and contribute 1% of our revenue to projects focused on carbon removal.

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