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Townhall grabs the attention of Zoom learners by continuously rewarding them for engaging!

Energy spikes, productivity rises and your message sticks. Every time.

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Boost Grades

How do I boost grades in my virtual instructor-led training? With research-based gamification! In fact, Townhall leverages techniques that have proven to boost grades a FULL letter grade!

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Understand Engagement

How do I know if my message is sticking when cameras are off? Townhall solves this dilemma with our proprietary (patent pending) engagement tracker that provides continuous real-time feedback!

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Optimize Delivery

How do I know if my session was a success? Townhall provides individual attendance, engagement, and participation data so you'll know which learners were dialed in, and which ones need more individual coaching.

No Camera. No Mic. No Problem!

In order to deliver an engaging and productive Zoom meeting, class or training session the virtual experience must be inclusive and accessible for all attendees. Our research-based, and elegant gamification system allows ANY remote attendee to participate in your Zoom meeting.

To achieve this, we blend familiar engagement mechanisms (e.g. reactions / emojis, polls, quizzes, etc.) with a proprietary engagement tracking algorithm that measures several different types of interactions (e.g. participating in polls or quizzes, speaking, etc.) for each attendee.

Plus, we offer a FREE consultation to identify challenges and help you plan for an epic Zoom meeting. Click below to learn more:

Power Up Your Zoom Sessions

After 20+years of serving the education industry as a science teacher, consultant, professor and researcher Dr. Larysa Nadolny knows the keys to powerful and impactful trainings fall into three engagement buckets: Planning, Measuring and Analyzing. At Townhall, our engagement solutions are comprehensive and built on over $7M in research funding.

How Townhall Works


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Measure Engagement


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Townhall’s engagement tracking tools are highly enticing, unlike any other vendors we've found.
Alec H.
Program Manager
After hosting hundreds of virtual training sessions, I've realized having my camera on causes anxiety for me and my credibility and presentation skills suffer. Townhall allows me to be more comfortable presenting and I believe I’ve closed sales as a result of cameras off in the negotiation stage.
Susan Gatti
Business Consultant | Featured in ATD & Learning Guild
The feel and experience of Townhall is super engaging. It takes the power of gamification to the next level and I love how it keeps attendees engaged in the "work from anywhere" world that we live in.
Adam N.
Senior Analyst
I love how we get attendee engagement data even when cameras are off!
Chief People Officer
Portland, OR
Getting started with Townhall couldn’t be easier. As a host without much of a technical background, I was worried about learning a new tool. But, adding the app and getting set up for my first session was a breeze. Also, the interface is simple and intuitive to use.
Nathan Ohler
President / COO
Townhall has changed my perspective on engaging with my attendees. Its ease of use and E-Report feature has allowed me to monitor positive impact, making a huge difference!
Meta Logo
Product Management Lead
New York, NY
Townhall has been a great addition to our internal meetings as well as our learning & development processes at Stackmatix. It's a great way to drive engagement and to validate learning for our team.
Matt Pru
Cofounder / Managing Partner
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