Grades Surge 13% in Geology Course with Gamified Learning

Full Letter Grade Boost in Academic Success

Do you want your students to earn and maintain an A or B average? Most educators would say an A, and based on a recent study of 223 students in a geology course, the answer is clear that using gamified learning techniques can help your students score higher grades. Students who had access to a gamified dashboard achieved a staggering 13% increase in grades compared to those who did not. No change in content, just a change in design of the course delivery led to a significant increase in academic achievement. As shown below, the gamified dashboard hooked learners from day 1 by creating much higher interaction and participation that boosted average grades for the cohort.

Gamification, which involves integrating game elements into non-game contexts, has been increasingly recognized as a powerful tool for improving student engagement and motivation. By incorporating elements such as progress trackers, module maps, health trackers, rewards, avatars, and data visualization, gamified learning provides students with a more interactive and personalized learning experience. This not only enhances their understanding of the material, but also fosters a sense of achievement and progress, ultimately leading to improved academic performance.

Engagement is The Key to Unlocking Student Performance

One of the key benefits of gamified learning is its ability to keep students engaged and improve their overall motivation to perform in the classroom. Research has shown that gamification can lead to increased motivation and satisfaction among students by providing them with a more interactive and enjoyable learning experience. By allowing students to track their progress, earn rewards, and visualize their achievements, gamified learning creates a sense of accomplishment that can significantly boost their performance and overall academic success.

The incorporation of game elements such as leaderboards and social features can promote healthy competition and collaboration among students, further enhancing their engagement with the learning material. This social aspect of gamification can be especially beneficial in large-scale learning environments, where it can help create a sense of community and shared purpose among students. Read the full publication in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Rewards can increase participation when regularly provided to learners, but they must be tightly connected to something of merit. Or, they may have no impact or even a negative effect.

Our findings suggest that when students have access to a meaningful gamified dashboard in large-scale courses, they receive a significant academic performance boost of a full grade level.

- Dr. Larysa

Leveling Up One-to-Many Communications

Gamified learning doesn't just elevate individual student achievement, it has limitless potential for broader impact that spans across educational and corporate landscapes. With its tailored and immersive approach, gamification emerges as a potent asset for enriching learning environments across various settings, such as large Zoom courses, all-hands meetings, onboarding sessions, and corporate training programs.

For example, in the context of large Zoom courses, gamified learning concepts like a dashboard allow the educator to track individual progress and identify areas where additional support may be needed. This can lead to more personalized and effective teaching strategies, ultimately benefiting the academic success of a larger number of students.

Shown above is the gamified learning dashboard in the Townhall Zoom app. It leverages the successful concepts validated in the geology course to create a rich experience that instantly engages and motivates Zoom attendees. The E-Score fluctuates based on participation in the Zoom meeting, while points and coins are awarded to reinforce the value of learner engagement. The Townhall design creates a familiar sense of community which leads to higher attendance, engagement and performance.

As demand for eLearning continues to climb, educational institutions must adapt delivery and teaching methods to not only effectively engage current students, but also recruit the next generation of learners. This powerful case study demonstrates how Townhall can help boost engagement and achievement from day 1!

Townhall Powers Up Learner Performance

Townhall leverages research-based gamification to fuel demand for your training sessions and energize your Zoom learners to sign up, show up, and speak up.

Built on over $7M in research funding from elite organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the US Army, Townhall's research-based approach and design has been validated in over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and books.

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