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Get Zoom Attendance Data for Your Meetings

How do we Measure Zoom Attendance?

Townhall keeps you organized by structuring data through Agendas. A host can create an Agenda before, during or after any meeting. Plus, if the meeting is reoccurring, Townhall allows for seamless copying of Agendas.

Zoom attendance is tied to this Agenda structure in Townhall. When the Host clicks “Start” to begin the engagement tracking E-Pulse, Townhall starts recording attendance for any participant in the Zoom meeting.

Do you have a 4 hour meeting with multiple topics?
PRO TIP: Create multiple Agendas to compare attendance and engagement for each section. Then analyze performance in the post meeting E-Report to see which Agenda was most productive for next time!

Lastly, engagement boosting Activities are tied to Agendas, which allows the host to easily keep track of which activities boosted engagement the most. Measure Zoom attendance has never been easier than Townhall.

Stay organized with Townhall Agendas!

How the Agenda Works

Modeled off organizational, training, and meeting best practices, the Agenda feature allows the host to measure Zoom attendance and add activities to boost engagement in a meeting. Hosts can create an Agenda in real-time during a meeting or offline to plan for future sessions.

Slick and flexible, Hosts can create several unique Agendas or simply copy a winning Agenda with one click. Also, since the E-Report is tied to an Agenda, hosts can generate multiple distinct data sets in one meeting – simply create multiple Agendas!

A2E2 Flywheel Drives Continual Improvement

Townhall’s A2E2 flywheel (Agenda > Activities > E-Pulse > E-Report) is modeled off the trusted PDSA (Plan > Do > Study > Act) methodology pioneered by Dr. Edward Deming in the 1950’s.

This scientific method approach has stood the test of time, as countless organizations have followed it to continually improve. The Townhall A2E2 methodology generates actionable engagement analytics, enabling organizations to learn, adjust and rapidly improve performance.

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