Boost Gen Z Engagement in Higher Education

Live Webinar: September 6, 2023 1pm EST

Gen Z students can be tough to keep engaged and motivated in higher education, but we’ve found the secret ingredient for success! You don’t want to miss the chance to hear research-backed strategies for using smart gamification to create impactful, engaging classrooms.

We’ll Cover:

Two real-world case studies, one that improved student final grades a full letter grade!
Research-based strategies that work with online and hybrid courses
A list of resources and activities to instantly improve engagement in your course

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Dr. Larysa Nadolny is a highly accomplished researcher with over 15 years of experience in gamification research, Human-Computer Interaction, and product development. She has over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is a sought out keynote speaker on virtual engagement.

2X founder, mechanical engineer, corporate executive, and consultant, Peter runs day-to-day operations for Townhall. With 20+yrs of broad commercialization expertise in higher education and regulated industries (semi, pharma, telecom), Peter excels in discovering opportunities to add value to customers.


Dave Haas is a hands-on fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) that has deep expertise in online learning and speaker engagement technology. Dave has over 10+ years of experience working with event organizers and associations to help their speakers deliver better presentations leveraging audience feedback and analytics.

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