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See below pricing plans for the Townhall Zoom App engagement solution

Townhall’s engagement tracking tools are highly enticing, unlike any other vendors we've found.
Alec H.
Program Manager
After hosting hundreds of virtual training sessions, I've realized having my camera on causes anxiety for me and my credibility and presentation skills suffer. Townhall allows me to be more comfortable presenting and I believe I’ve closed sales as a result of cameras off in the negotiation stage.
Susan Gatti
Business Consultant | Featured in ATD & Learning Guild
The feel and experience of Townhall is super engaging. It takes the power of gamification to the next level and I love how it keeps attendees engaged in the "work from anywhere" world that we live in.
Adam N.
Senior Analyst
I love how we get attendee engagement data even when cameras are off!
Chief People Officer
Portland, OR
Townhall has changed my perspective on engaging with my attendees. Its ease of use and E-Report feature has allowed me to monitor positive impact, making a huge difference!
Meta Logo
Product Management Lead
New York, NY
Number of host seats111
Max. attendees per meeting20100200
Number of meeting agendasUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Attendee desktop access
Attendee web access (laptop, mobile, & tablet)
Participant engagement score
E-Pulse: Real-time engagement tracking chart
Number of E-Pulses per month115Unlimited
Polling activities
Multiple choice quiz activities
Link send and tracking
Gamified leaderboard
In-app E-Report summary
Downloadable E-Report (PDF, CSV)
Participant Zoom attendance
Participant poll and quiz results
WCAG 2.1 A, AA accessibility
Priority support

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